9 simple things to survive as a cover singer for living!

By Nick Day - 19/12/2018

"The Grumps" First season's winner.

1. Be unique – Yes, you are covering other people’s songs, but do them in your way. What makes you different from every other cover artist out there? How are you better? Why should a venue pay you more then others?

2. Be really good – People know the original, and you’re most likely not as good as the original artist, but you need to have a very high standard otherwise you are just butchering people’s favourite song.

"Goi" Bass player of The grumps at Apoteka Bangkok

3. You don’t have to sound like the original – Just because you are covering the song, doesn’t mean you have to sound exactly like the original singer. You have your own voice. Use it.

4. Keep on updating your set list – Singing the same songs again and again isn’t just boring for you, it will be boring for your audience too. If you’re bored singing the songs, you won’t have the passion you need and the audience will get bored listening to you.

5. Understand the lyrics and the meaning of the song – there is nothing worse than a cover artist singing a song but lacks the passion and emotion of the topic they are singing about. Research the song and its meaning and think carefully about what emotion you are trying to express.

6. Match your set list to the audience – different venues have different audiences and they want different things. Make sure your set list matches this.

7. Entertain, don’t just sing – Sure, you can sing the songs, but do you really entertain the audience? There is more to your performance than just your songs. How do you engage and interact with your audience?

The battle begins concert at Hard rock cafe Bangkok

8. Think about the future – What’s the next step in your career? Make a plan on how you will improve yourself and get bigger and better gigs in the future.

9. Network – Get to know the right people who can help you in your career.

Earthcollide at Hard rock cafe Bangkok.


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