Discover V.O.B - Indonesia's Teenage All Girl Muslim Heavy Metal Band.

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

By Nick Day - 25/09/2018

The True Meaning of Metal Emerges from Indonesia – Voice of Baceprot (VoB) Come to Bangkok

Sometimes things don’t happen how they are planned.

At Girls Rock Asia, we’re always searching for the best in female rock talent, so when we heard that Voice of Baceprot (VoB) were coming to Bangkok, we jumped at the opportunity to see them.

VoB went viral in the true sense of the word last year. A group of three hijab-wearing schoolgirls from Indonesia, they certainly don’t fit the stereotype for a metal band. However, this is exactly what we feel metal is all about – rebelling against orthodoxy and expressing your true identity.

Organised by Liv_Id, a collective of Bangkok-based artists, Quid Pro Quo brought together female artists of all types to showcase their various talents. Part of the event was set to be a special concert; however, upon setting up, the cops show up and shut it all down.

The event could have ended there, but with some quick thinking and support of nearby Jam, a hub for alternative arts and music, saw the music continue.

True to their reputation, VoB blew the crowd away on what was their first overseas concert. So much talent in a group so young is seriously impressive. They are certain to achieve well-deserved success.

We grabbed the opportunity to interview VoB members Firdda Kurnia (guitar and vocals), Euis Siti Aisyah (drums) and Widi Rahmawati (bass) on their experiences of forming the band, their inspirations, the challenges they have faced, and their aspirations for the future.


ABN  77 568 625 404